My Approach

  • Objective
    Objective: develop a portable food. A plain donut is portable and satisfies hunger, but may go unnoticed and not yield demand.
  • Subjective
    Without a targeted enhancement, simply meeting the objective will not spur interest. Thus, frosting is added to the plain donut.
  • Objective and Subjective
  • Something special happens when you put the two together. This is where I excel.




Have you ever seen a 2-foot doughnut fit in one hand?

Consider your objectives first. A doughnut is a one-handed experience. A 2-foot doughnut will not meet the objective no matter how much frosting you apply. Get the requirements, document them, and then apply the subjective.



The right amount of frosting



Too little?


Too much?





Designing requires refinement until it reaches the optimal point—a balance between familiar and unique.

Objectively TEST the Subjective.


A designer and the development team must leave their preferences out of the equation. We must set aside own biases and discover the preferences of the end-users.

Smart Questions = Useful Answers

Insightful questions yield targeted answers. Knowing a client’s favorite color is not useful; know their favorite frosting color is.



Repeat all the above for best outcome.



18+ years experience involving: UI, UX, print design, front-end development, web design and development, Flash programming, building RIAs, and the design, development and marketing of my own mobile apps that are available in the iTunes App Store. It is this diverse and multi-disciplined background that embodies my approach to project development:


  • Find front-end solutions that overcome technical limitations and meet the end users’ needs.
  • Deliver projects that are on schedule and within scope, consistently
  • Build strong design teams that span different disciplines.
  • Bridge the gaps across design, development, and business requirements.
  • Excel as an interaction design thought-leader & passionate user-evangelist.

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